DumpTruck #72

If you have been to almost any motorcycle rally/ event you have probably seen or heard dump truck on the MIC!  and I know you have seen his acting debut riding a sporty in his tighty whitys !  He is a great ambassador for our motor cycle culture and this podcast you really get to… Continue Reading

The CutRate #71

Oliver stopped back through Dallas on his way back west from Daytona and a ton of east coast swap meets!  We also were able to pull Fxr mike out of his garage to hear some of what has been up on his end! http://traffic.libsyn.com/thefastlifepodcast/cutrate2.mp3

Sean TOL Designs #70

Sean has been producing products and providing fabrication services to the motorcycle industry for a long time,  TOL was one of the first guys in the big wheel scene to bring very extended bags to the market ,  he has helped me and my friends on a few of our road trips and I was… Continue Reading

Paint Huffer Metal Flake 2 #68

Back in Arizona I sat down with long time podcast and even longer time supporter of us at the fast life garage the one and Only Paint Huffer metal flake!  We sat down with no particular topic to discuss but we wound plenty to talk about http://traffic.libsyn.com/thefastlifepodcast/painthuffer2.mp3