The RideBoundless Podcast #141

The guys behind the RideBoundless podcast and I decided to podcast each other on this episode.  I didn’t know how that would go but I gotta say it was fun!  Roberto and Jamie have been pumping out some great content you guys should check it out! check out to support this podcast @dreamridesjohn ⚡️ … Continue Reading

Wreck Less mfg. #140

Adrian from Wreck Less MFG. & Brent and Brett from Social distancing tours brought out some bikes to Dallas from San Diego to ride party and enjoy a weekend out of Quarantine!  @dreamridesjohn ⚡️  @painthuffermetalflake ⚡️ Offer code “fastlife13” for 10% off @Thundermaxefi ⚡️ @lexinmoto ⚡️ Offer code “fastlife” for 15% off @sbc_performance ⚡️… Continue Reading


FXR BAZAAR has become not only the number one place on instagram to buy and sell Fxr related parts.  Nick the Curator of the page also helps run the West Coast Fxr Jam!  check out our conversation! @dreamridesjohn ⚡️  @painthuffermetalflake  ⚡️ Offer code “fastlife13” for 10% off @Thundermaxefi ⚡️ @lexinmoto ⚡️ Offer… Continue Reading