Performance Baggers #108

5 performance bagger guys in a hotel room talking about the scene, the early days of the moment and where its going! Play in new window | Download

Ethan Porter Bilt #107

Ethan has faded up some pretty badass bikes of there years.  Out of Indianapolis Indiana, he has produced Custom motorcycles from old School metrics to 143″ twin cam Fxr’s! Play in new window | Download

Fabricators Ball #106

A few nights into sema, and a hand full of some of the most skilled fabricators in our motorcycle industry.  Someone thought it would be awesome to have a THC influenced conversation…  or at least we tried too! Play in new window | Download

Mike Learn Airbrush #105

Mike has been one of my biggest inspirations while growing as an airbrush/ custom painter!  From building and painting some badass choppers to building and painting some killer guitars! Play in new window | Download

Darren Mckeag #104

We caught up with Darren on our first day in Vegas during the semi show!  Darren thought it would be fun to do edibles, I know I had fun.  Darren is as humble and skilled as they come!  Im very stoked to have him on our show! Play in new window | Download