Motorcycles with Patrick and Brandon #154

@dreamridesjohn Check out johns online store and take advantage of his 100 days same as cash financing!  ⚡️  @painthuffermetalflake  I’m on team paint huffer and your first step to get there is to run paint huffer flakes and pearls! ⚡️ Offer code “fastlife20” for 10% off @Thundermaxefi I have ran these computers for years on… Continue Reading

Talking Motorcycles with Patrick & Brandon #154

Brandon is a Barber and owner of Brass Tacks here in Dallas Texas.  Patrick is relatively new to Dallas fresh from Oakland California.  He works as the Brand Director for Harley davidson.  we talk about a lot of things including their recent trip to Nashville Tennessee on there rigid choppers! @simpsonmotorcyclehelmets ⚡️ @dreamridesjohn ⚡️  @painthuffermetalflake… Continue Reading

Justin My Machinist 2 #153

Justin and I did an old fashion trade!I got his amazing new bagger swing arm and we laid some paint down on his FXR for sturgis! in this episode we catch up and talk about sturgis and his growth as a company and brand!@simpsonmotorcyclehelmets⚡️⚡️ ⚡️www.paintHuffer.comOffer code “fastlife20” for 10% off@Thundermaxefi⚡️www.shoptmax.comOffer code “fastlife” for 10% off@lexinmoto⚡️www.lexin-moto.comOffer… Continue Reading

Lucky Strike Designs #152

Lucky Strike Jeremy Hawkeye Kustoms Steve and Bodywork Ben built some amazing performance baggers over this last year and have been laying down some miles.  On their Degenerate tour down here to Dallas from PA we got them in the studio!   @simpsonmotorcyclehelmets ⚡️ @dreamridesjohn ⚡️  @painthuffermetalflake ⚡️ Offer code “fastlife20” for 10% off @Thundermaxefi… Continue Reading