FXR Division #291

The team at FXR Division made a pit stop in Dallas while riding out to Born Free Texas!  It has been awhile since we had the guys on so we had to find out whats been going on since 2019!

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For me personally I have logged thousands of miles in Simpson’s and the fit and quality is perfect for me from how I ride and how I wanna look rolling down the highway!  Head on over to 



I have ran these computers for years on my bikes, thundermax is the shit at keeping my bike running it’s best and keeping my M8 cool with their electric fan! https://www.thunder-max.com Use Offer code “fastlife” for 10% off 


From complete design collections that can take your bike from stock to custom. Or their parts can be the finishing touches to your custom build.  Their performance line of parts give you the custom look we all want while maintaining functionality head on over to https://www.arlenness.com to check out all the amazing products for your build drop the FASTLIFE10 offer code to save yourself 10% on your purchases 


I listen to everything from music and podcasts to even audio books as I smash miles across the country with lexin! Also don’t sleep on their Gen 2 air pumps a must have for motorcycle travel to have incase of a tire issue


Offer code “fastlife” for 15% off


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what Bars are those” and the answer is Lucky Daves Peace Makers.  Dave has provided us with a modular bar and riser setup that you can customize to your taste and needs!  Pair those with the Lucky Daves seat and your golden for long open roads or aggressive fun!  Check it all out at https://www.luckydaves.com  

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