The Fast Life Podcast #14

We went down to Houston to link up with our friend Adam Gould who had a project       T-sport we wanted to pick up for a sturgis build!  Talking with Adam always brings out meaning of life type conversations and well thats pretty much what we talked about! check out and


The Fast Life Podcast 13

Royal T Racing

On our way home from Daytona we stopped in to NOLA and met up with Patrick owner of Royal T Racing.  They are known for there badass performance exhaust systems and bike builds!  Check out our website where you can find a link to our Patreon iTunes youtube and social media platforms



the fast life podcast #12


Daytona was Daytona I guess..  luckily we were able to hang with Jeremy from lucky strike designs, who is one of my most favorite painters in the game!  He has a sign painting background which has been proven to create some of the highest quality painters out there,  you can check out Jeremy on isnta @luckystrike_designs also don’t forget to check us out at and subscribe tour patreon for soon to be released exclusive content!

The Fast Life Podcast #10

Oliver From The Cut Rate

We were lucky to catch Oliver on his way east as he passed through Dallas Texas!  We were very intrigued by his story and how he has lived his life and continues too!  The Cut Rate is a clothing brand as well as Olivers tag for his custom built motorcycles!