FXR MIKE episode #9

One of our close friends Mike, who is Fxr royalty as far as we are concerned.  Mike is currently building an FXR de-rake chop for Show class magazines PPLs champ competition!  We shot the shit with Mike in his garage and checked out his progress.  Check out our sponsors Manic_Crew PaintHuffermetalflake and texasperformacemc on Instagram and the web at www.manicrew.com www.painthuffer.com www.texasperformancemc.com!

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Dixxon Flannel

On our way home from Cali we stopped in Phoenix and caught up with Danny and Justin Of Dixxon Flannel Co.  We kicked it in the Dixxon warehouse got the spill on how it all came to be and where its headed!  Check out our sponsors www.Maniccrew.com www.Texasperformancemc.com and www.Painthuffer.com also on Instagram! We just set up our Patreon account which if you would like to donate to this podcast go to www.patreon.com/fastlifegarage  also link on our website www.fastlifegarage.com check out dixxon flannels at www.dixxonquality.com


Valley Kustoms FLP #7

As we continued down to SoCal we stopped in and chopped it up with Silent G and his crew at Valley kustoms.  checked out some of his latest paint jobs and builds in his new shop!  Get a taste of how G built his skills and Brand!  Insta: Valleykustoms  www.valleykustoms.com  also check out our sponsors on Insta: Manic_crew Texasperformancemc and Painthuffermetalflake!

Fab 28 industries podcast #6

First stop on our road trip to Norcal. We caught up with Jay Owner of FAB28 Industries. Always a powerful conversations when we talk with Jay,  FAB28 is a leader in the motorcycle industry for hand made performance exhaust systems.  Follow Fab28 on Instagram @fab28.industries  also check out our sponsors http://www.maniccrew.com http://www.texasperformancemc.com and yours truly http://www.fastlifegarage.com


The Fast Life Podcast #5

Late at night in a hotel breakfast area, Jesse and Jace got to catch up with Paul Owner of Lyndall Brakes, we have used Lyndall wheels brake rotors and brake pads on our last few bike builds and love the quality and design of their products!  Paul was passing through Dallas while setting up for the tucker rocky dealer show.  check out Lyndall on Instagram @lyndallbrakes