The Fast Life Podcast #2 Homer Saenz

Jesse and Jace drove down to Houston to catch Super Cross and got the opportunity to sit down with Homer at his Paint shop.  Homer is an accomplished Tattoo artist and owns and tattoos out of 713 tattoo in Houston Texas.  He has also branched off from the tattoo shop to his New Custom Paint shop. We discuss a few topics and get to know homer and his path, as well as share opinions and ideas about custom paint in general.  check out homer on Instagram @homerseanz  you can also follow us on Instagram @thefastlifegararage




The Fast Life Podcast #1

The Fast Life Garage Podcast episode #1 Scot Holbrooks Simpson MotorCycle Helmets

Welcome to our very first episode here at The Fast Life Podcast!  we are very excited as we venture down this path for 2018.

Brothers Jesse and Jace sit down with Scott Holbrooks who is the Product and Brand Director for Simpson Motorcycle Helmets.  Scott has been a part of the motorcycle industry as a whole on many fronts.  We discuss many things from his origins to many opinions on the industry as of 2018.  follow Simpson Motorcycle Helmets on Instagram @simpson_motorcycle_helmets